We work to improve people’s quality of life

About us

Healthinfoods belongs to the Spanish company Statera Labs. Statera is a word of Greek origin that means balance. At Statera Labs we combine the best of nature to enhance your physical and mental well-being. We work to improve people’s quality of life, that’s our passion and our reason for being.

Our lines of research are based on the premise that for thousands of years we have evolved in nature, with environmental and nutritional conditions that have been substantially altered in recent years and we do not always have the time and access to lead a balanced life, based on a natural diet and a relaxed, outdoor lifestyle.

For that reason, we combine bioactive compounds obtained from nature to bring balance and strengthen your health and happiness. We work to make you feel good and express your full potential without any trade-offs. That’s why we design our Healthinfoods food supplements with the best natural ingredients and bring additional healthy properties to foods you love and consume every day.


Every week, we spend hours researching bioactive compounds and developing mechanisms to increase their stability, bioavailability and biological activity. We select and receive the best ingredients from different parts of the world and test them in our laboratory. When we design a formula, we think of specific groups of the population who either need to improve their performance, both physically and cognitively, or suffer from some type of ailment or disorder that can be significantly alleviated by providing certain micronutrients and simple guidelines. For certain applications, we design innovative vehicles, with technologies from the pharmaceutical industry, in collaboration with universities and prestigious research centres, and we study their biological activity in clinical trials.

Personalised and Precise Nutrition

We have food supplements and develop functional foods that are beneficial for anyone seeking to increase their physical, mental and intellectual well-being and performance. However, not everyone benefits equally from the same nutrients, so it’s important to know which products will give you the most benefit based on your age, gender, eating habits, lifestyle and health status.

At Healthinfoods we work to improve people’s quality of life, which is why we offer you a personalised nutritional advice service run by registered nutritionists. Whether you are pregnant or concerned about the correct development of your child, whether you are a sportsperson looking to improve your performance or a person under a lot of pressure and endless hours of work, we would love to meet you and support you in your nutritional strategy.

If you are an entrepreneur or an experienced manufacturer looking to improve the health profile of your Products without giving up their organoleptic properties, we will provide you with advice on the design and reformulation of your Products, giving your ideas and customised solutions that will make you stand out. Our technologists will be delighted to meet your challenges. Write to us and find out about our solutions and customisable bioactive ingredients for the food industry.


We are passionate about nature, photography, the sea, sport and health. We love challenges and firmly believe that food is and must be the medicine of the future. We have seen in our own environment and throughout more than 60 years of joint experience as food technologists, chemists, pharmacists and biotechnology entrepreneurs, how people’s quality of life can be improved through food. That’s why we created Statera Labs, to contribute to the enhancement of your physical and mental well-being by combining knowledge, research and the best that nature has to offer.

We are a Spanish company with a global vocation. We constantly travel around the planet to study different ecosystems and discover new bioactive compounds from sustainable sources. From Galicia, we research and are inspired by the sea, the orchards, the forests and the rivers; to develop new formulas with a single purpose: to bring health and well-being to our clients. You will also find us in Madrid, Panama City and Santiago de Chile. We only manufacture in Spain under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and BRC Food standards and generating quality employment.

Elena Velázquez

Co Founder y Chief Technical Officer

Alfredo Bermúdez de Castro

Co Founder y Chief Executive Officer

Miguel Velázquez

Co Founder y Chief Operating Officer

Ángel Velázquez

Co Founder y Chief Scientific Officer

Sebastián Cavassa

Head of Central America

Marcelo Roca

International Business Developper Manager

Trinidad Andreani

COO Healthinfoods Chile